Month: March 2022

The Many Types Of Massage, And What They’re Used To Treat

There are over 80 different massage techniques recorded around the globe. Each of them has its own benefits and usage, so being familiar with them is vital. The next time we visit a massage parlor we can be able to choose the best massage service we want according to our body needs.

Here are the lists of those popular and commonly used massage therapy in history and around the globe. Let us also consider these types of massage and their benefits to contribute to our body.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage is the most popular for body relaxation and helps improve blood circulation. It aids in regulating your sleep, increases your energy and flexibility because it is used to improve body posture. If you are suffering from stress then try a full Swedish massage.

The Aromatherapy Massage

If you are stressed and suffering anxiety then aromatherapy massage is best for you. It helps increase your calmness and relaxation, decrease your muscle tension, relieve pain and reduce the symptoms of depression.

Thai Massage Therapy

This ancient practice of massage helps increase your body’s flexibility and energize your mind. Thai massage is used to treat severe headaches, muscle pain specifically in the lower back and joints, and relieve anxieties.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Along with the different types of massage, hot stone massage is the best for treating muscle pain and tension, improving blood flow and relieving stress. Just like the Swedish massage, this therapeutic massage is good for body relaxation; they only differ because of the hot stone the latter used.

The Sports Massage

A repetitive injury from playing sports can be relieved by sports massage. This is also good for treating pain, muscle tension and anxiety. And one best use of Sports massage is for reducing the risk for injury. This massage is common for athletes.

The Shiatsu Massage

Same as the other massage therapy, Shiatsu massage can be your source for emotional and physical calmness and relaxation. Releasing your body tension through the use of thumbs, hands, and palms on certain points of the body.

These are only some of those famous massage therapies that are offered in massage parlors or shops. There are many more to consider depending on your need. Your masseuse or masseur will let you know what is best for you. Try to communicate with them and let them know your situation before doing the session.